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Finding and Fixing Broken Links and How they Affect SEO

A well-optimized website will increase its number of webpages over time – it’s inevitable. Content, whether they are blog posts, product pages, etc., will continue to pile on. Oftentimes, content that was published a few years ago is forgotten and some of the links on these pages have either moved to a different page or are non-existent anymore. These are called broken links.

Cleaning up these broken links are part of an SEOs daily task. They might be small in size but in SEO, every bit of optimization matters, and yes, that includes going back to a blog post published 5 years ago just to replace a link. Seems like a pretty easy task but they can also be overwhelming at times because they could pile up really quickly. Read on to find out how these broken links affect SEO and how you should deal with them… More